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LemurX is not just stunning NFT art, your JPEGs are also your key for future investment opportunities. More utility is coming soon.


We got a team full of web3 enthusiasts, builders, snipers, airdrop hunters, investors, trading experts. And we are here to share this knowledge with our Lemurs.


Never seen before in a NFT project are the investment opportunities the Lemur fam is making possible. Learn more about SAFTs and start building your financial future.


We have no bots, no bought followers, just true believers in the project. This builds a funny, supportive and engaged community. We would be happy to see you get a part of it.


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How the SAFT tiers work!

How to start?

Get your self some LemurX NFTs

To get the opportunity to invest in LX SAFTs you need to hold some LemurX NFTs. The more NFTs you hold, the higher your TIER Level will be.

All tiers are based on FCFS, but Tier 1 - Flame Investments get the opportunity to invest first. So it is priority based.

All tiers shown below indicate the amount you will be able to invest in a SAFT agreement.



30+ LemurX NFTs

Base Allocation Multiplier: 8x
Access: Holders with 30+ NFTs

If you hold 30 or more NFTs, you will be in the Flame tier. With this tier, your allocation will be multiplied by 8, meaning you will unlock eight times the base allocation of $100. Your allocation would be 8 * $100 = $800.



15+ LemurX NFTs

Base Allocation Multiplier: 4x
Access: Holders with 15+ NFTs

For users who have 15 to 29 NFTs, they fall into the Fire tier. This tier offers a base allocation multiplier of 4. Your allocation would be 4 * $100 = $400.



5+ LemurX NFTs

Base Allocation Multiplier: 2x
Access: Holders with 5+ NFTs

The Smoke tier applies to individuals who own 5 to 14 NFTs. In this tier, the base allocation multiplier is 2, meaning you would unlock double the base allocation. Your allocation would be 2 * $100 = $200.



1+ LemurX NFTs

Base Allocation Multiplier: 1x
Access: Holders with 1+ NFTs

The Spark tier includes everyone who holds at least 1 NFT. However, the base allocation multiplier in this tier is 1, which means you open the base allocation amount of $100.

LX Utilities

NFT Collection

Your key to LX Investments

The LemurX NFT Collection based on the SOLANA Network is not only a great piece of web3 art - these collectibles also open the gates to various kinds of LX Investments for you.

SAFT Investments

The world 1st NFT Project with SAFTs

SAFT agreements are a perfect investment form, you should add to your personal investment strategy. They are a clear contract to invest in projects early and generate passive income afterward in predefined time slots.

Investment Dashboard

Keep ahead of your SAFTs with Presail

We hired the top of the notch developers to create a sleek and performance-driven dashboard for our community. On this dashboard, you can track all your investments and participate in new SAFTs.

Aquarium DAO

For all Aqua holders

This is our passive income model with zero risk once you've made back your initial investment. We have experienced Forex traders making trades on your behalf, ensuring steady returns.

LEmurX Trading App

Watch, Copy & Track your trades

LemurX is more than just NFTs and SAFT Investments. We build a special app for our community to take trading crypto assets to the next level. In this app, you can track your trades, follow experienced trades out of our family and even copy their trades if you'd like to.

HawkSpice Trading Signals

Trade like a pro

As this is one of our newest utilities we have this gated for our Peasant Traders. At the moment there are manual pings coming in from HawkSpice. Soon, we'll have automated trading signals under this feature. Keep an eye out for this upgrade!

Peasant Trading

For the smaler bags

Designed for small investments, this option aims to achieve significant gains. Perfect for those starting out or preferring lower risks. To get access to this part of the discord you need to have a LemurX with a "Honeyed Hue" skin trait.

Alpha Discord channels

Find your desired alpha here

As a Society of Investors we gather many different experts in our team. And they are more than happy to share their knowledge with the LemurX family. So you will have access to NFT alpha, Trading alpha, AirDrop alpha and even more.

Sport Bets

For the degen ones

If you are interested in betting on sports, we have a team of experts, that got you covered. They share alpha plays, betting strategies, and you can even participate in the experts' bets, if you want to.

Meet the team



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Marketing Manager


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Your questions, answered!

The LemurX project is a groundbreaking initiative designed to change the way we invest by offering individuals a gateway to long-term investment opportunities and the potential for passive income generation.

A Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) is a legal contract used in the cryptocurrency industry to raise funds for a blockchain project.

You will find more information about SAFT Investments here.

LemurX NFT is a unique art collection built on the Solana blockchain. The NFTs are trait-based, with different traits possessing varying levels of rarity. Certain rare traits provide access to specific investment areas within the project, increasing the value and utility of the NFTs.

The primary use case for LemurX NFTs is accessing the project's Discord community. Within this community, investors receive regular updates and information about trading opportunities and SAFT agreements.

The total supply of LemurX NFT is 3.333 NFTs.

Due to the volatility in the market, we decided to set the mint price to fixed $25 USDC!

LemurX provides retail investors with access to high-potential investment opportunities in the next generation of blockchain technology through the SAFT agreement. We also offer a trading platform where skilled traders execute trades on behalf of our holders, generating monthly passive income. Our team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of the blockchain industry and a proven track record of success in seed sale investing. We are committed to providing our holders with the best possible opportunities to grow their wealth.

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